QuantaPlex T41S-2U

2U 4-Node Server Featuring Highest Compute Density

QuantaPlex T41S-2U is an ultra-dense design equipped with four independent nodes. It creates the flexibility to set up different workloads independently in one 2U shared infrastructure, providing optimal data center performance per dollar.

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Optimized 2-Socket, 4-GPGPU 2U Server

Quanta STRATOS S210-X2A2J is a space and performance optimized 2U rackmount server equipped with up to 4 GPGPUs along with two Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family, generating massively parallel computing processing power. The S210-X2A2J features 16 DIMM slots, Gigabit Ethernet, and QDR/FDR InfiniBand, delivering superb computing performance, memory bandwidth, and I/O throughput for computing intensive applications, such as
seismic processing, bioinformatics, signal processing, science, computational finance, etc.

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QuantaPlex T21SR-2U

2U 2-Node High Availability Cluster-in-a-Box Server

QuantaPlex T21SR-2U is a 2U two-node Cluster-in-a-Box server. Two server nodes are clustered via a PCIe interconnection and shareing up to 24 disk drives in a 2U chassis.The 10 GB connect  between the server boards via the mid-plane, so if one server board fails, the other server board is able to take control and gain full access to HDD and front end host I/O, keeping the system up and running. Both server boards can also work in Active-Active mode.

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In addition to just selling hardware, ServerOn can also provide a customized hardware solutions like:

  • Clustered Servers
  • Unified Storage
  • Cloud Architecture
Give us your requirements and let us figure it out for you!

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ServerOn understands the mission criticality of the platforms deployed at our customer site and we strive to provide the best service levels possible. As an enterprise grade hardware provider, ServerOn offers to our customer various options like:

  • 3-yr Next Business Day, Business Hour 9am-5pm Onsite Support
  • 3-yr 7 x 24, 4-hour Onsite Support
We can also customize support services to your requirements and needs if required.

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ServerOn is capable of providing systems setup professional services like:

  • Rack Mounting
  • OS Installation
  • OS Hardening
  • Power & Cabling
  • Switch Setup & Configuration
ServerOn also has a list of partners who are capable of providing more services.
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